September 30, 2021
She loved the bracelets and all the other ladies did as well.  Thanks so much!

Lisa B.
Toano, VA

September 29, 2021
I love my bracelets, they are beautiful.  I did not doubt your ability to produce a well-designed piece of jewelry.  Thank you!!!!!

Vivian V.
Greenville, NC

September 28,2021
I LOVE my Dallas Cowboys bracelets!!!!

Pamie J.
Stafford, VA

September 25, 2021
My husband and I were kidless this weekend so we decided to come to Williamsburg.  We went into the Williamsburg Bazaar (I think that's the name of it) and I immediately recognized your jewelry!  I was so excited that my husband got me a necklace and a pair of earrings.   I couldn't wait to get out of the store and email you.  I hope you are doing well and I'm glad that I'm able to support you.

Shannon W.
Richmond, VA

September 20, 2021
Girl you know I love my Cowboys.  Can't wait to wear my bracelets.  I love them.  Thanks Juanita.


September 14, 2021
Received my Eagles bracelet set today and they are absolutely fabulous.  I love the quality of the beads you used.  Will be referring you to my friends.  Thanks again.

Sandra M.

August 15, 2021
To my talented sistah! Your work is awesome, amazing, exquisite and if I left anything out you are all that!  Thank you so much!

Patricia J.
Suitland, MD

July 19, 2021
I simply love my set!

Rhoda M.
Gulfport, MS

June 1, 2021

Hello, I received my earrings today, they are so beautiful and I love the thank you note.  Thank you.

Audrey T.

Chesapeake, VA


May 20, 2021

I received my "V" necklace.  I absolutely love it!  I will post wearing it sometime soon!

Vonda P.

Windsor, CT



April 30, 2021

Gorgeous!  Thank you so much!  You are too special! ❤ Until the next time.

Patricia J.

Suitland, MD


April 21, 2021

OMG!!! These pieces GAVE ME LIFE!!! Absolutely beautiful.  Can't wait to wear them!

Darlene N.

Temple Hills, MD


April 21, 2021

Thanks you for taking care of my special request to create special aluminum letters for me.  You do beautiful work, a true artist you are.

Diane W.

Berwick, PA


April 7, 2021

I received my necklace and I love it.

Janell S.

Petersburg, VA


March 28, 2021

I received my necklace on Wednesday, March 24th.  Received many compliments and tagged your business page in a post.  Thanks again!  Satisfied customer!

Partrounar J.

McDonough, GA


March 23, 2021

The pieces are lovely!  Thank you.

Stephanie D.

Richmond, VA


March 21, 2021

I received my necklace.  I LOVE IT.  I will be back for more.  The packaging and presentation was excellent.  Thank you.


Chicago, IL


March 15, 2021

I got my 2 letter necklaces and they are gorgeous!!!!


Providence Forge, VA


March 13, 2021

I got my short set and jewelry today and I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much!  Cain't wait to wear.


Richmond, VA


March 6, 2021

Hey Juanita!! I received my short sets...Love it sweetie pie!  The material is good, my body looks shapely, and it doesn't look cheap...Love It!  Thank you for your honesty, and working with a sister!


Woodbridge, VA


Feb. 25, 2021

My husband bought me 2 pair of earrings for Valentine's Day from you.  I love them.  They are light & the designs are different.  I can't wait for summer or some place to go to wear them.



Feb. 22, 2021

Shout out to Juanita McWhite of "Boutique 2 You" beautiful handcrafted GOLD aluminum necklace arrived!  And I love it. She also took the time to write a beautiful thank you note.  Check out her designs.

Fusha R.

Frisco, TX


Feb. 12, 2021

Good day Ms McWhite

This morning as usual, I opened my door to say good morning to the Most High and welcome in a  new day.  I looked down and there was this box and with great apprehension I put on some gloves and picked up this strange package.  I saw my name and I saw your name and I said out loud "who is this person sending me something".  With more apprehension, I carefully opened it.  The first thing I saw was the red heart shaped stone and said what in the blank blank is this, and then I finally noticed the envelope.  I carefully opened it and read the note and saw my son's name...a BIG smile came upon my face and said he did it again.  We surprise each other a lot.

I LOVE IT. Of course, I put it on and sent him a picture.  Did I say I love it, oh yes I did.

Just want you to know I love this and thanks.

Edwyne W.

Washington, DC


Feb. 11, 2021

I love my earrings!!!!! Thank you so much!

Patricia J.

Suitland, MD


Feb. 1, 2021

I received both sets of my bracelets, and they are beautiful!

Joanne C.

Hampton, VA


Jan. 3, 2021

I love my necklace from artist @juanitab2u.  It's unique, lightweight, just gorgeous, and I love supporting local artists.  Check her other work out!

mothernature1969 (Instagram post)


Dec. 29, 2020

My auntie loved her Christmas gifts, they arrived yesterday.  She has been a Delta for 63 years so that bracelet was everything and red is her fave color.

Lisa B

Chesapeake, VA


Dec. 15, 2020

I just wanted to tell you I bought a ring and earrings and I am absolutely in love with them.  Amazing craftsmanship!


Online message via website


Dec. 10, 2020

Juanita, my package arrived and I adore the earrings!  Shout out to anyone who's looking for jewelry.  I will be ordering again real soon!


Phila., PA


October 26, 2020

I received my beautiful jewelry today and I love it.  I like that it is so lightweight and well made.  I appreciate your making quality pieces and selling them at a reasonable price.  I will be purchasing more for myself and others as well.

You have my support.


Greenville, NC


October 7, 2020

Hey.  Received my earrings today.  I love them!  Thank you so much!!!


Newport News, VA


September 15, 2020

Hey Lady,

Just wanted you to know that I received the package and was very pleased with everything.  


Concord, NC


August 20, 2020

It's beautiful and my husband said its hot! I love my ring and love you more.


Phila., PA


August 20, 2020

Received my set and it is beautiful! Thanks you so much!


Carrollton, TX


August 6, 2020

Thanks Juanita!  Love my brass ring!


Virginia Beach, VA


August 6, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous!!!  Received my purchase them.  Thank you.


Temple Hill, MD


August 3, 2020

Juanita, I am in love with my purchase! Thank you so much!


Suitland, MD


July 31, 2020

Oh, I received my jewelry. It’s absolutely beautiful!  Everything I have purchased from you has been great!  Thanks!

Dr. Brenda Bradley

Accokeek, MD


July 24, 2020

Ms. Juanita, I received my pieces today.  They are so beautiful.  Thanks so much.


San Diego, CA


July 20, 2020

Hi Nita:  I got my jumper and I absolutely LOVE it!  I look forward to the invoice for the coral/white one on Friday!  AND I'll be shopping on your website for some of your GORGEOUS accessories!  Peace and Blessings!


Henrico, VA


July 14, 2020

Just picked up my jewelry from my  mailbox.  The piece is even more beautiful in person.


Austin, TX


July 14, 2020

Thank you for the beautiful jewelry and sunglasses!  Love the gift box.


Jonesboro, GA


July 12, 2020
Hey girl, I hope all is well. I received my jewelry and I absolutely love love love love love them. Will be ordering more soon. Take care and stay safe!
Phila, PA


July 8, 2020
Love my new earrings❤️❤️
Hampton, VA


July 9, 2020
Good Evening:
Just received my jewelry and I love it. Also, I appreciate the packaging..first class. I will definitely be buying more. How should I store jewelry so it will last?